By Vijai Karthigesu CEO Swarmio

Edge computing has the potential to bring the networked world closer to home. And forecasts indicate that it will dominate the network environment in the near future.

As the internet continues its ongoing expansion, an increasing share of its activity will take place at the Edge. Research firm Gartner predicts that more than 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed there.

Tech behemoths such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon are already encroaching on what has traditionally been telecommunications turf. …

By Vijai Karthigesu, Founder & CEO, Swarmio Media

Netflix is due to release its latest series finale. Suspense has been building for weeks; social media is full of speculation, and the advance reviews are spectacular. The moment it goes live, tens of millions of people across the world log in and stream the episode to a multitude of devices in homes, on trains, in hotel rooms.

How does it get there? Through the complex and highly expensive infrastructure put in place by a telecoms operator.

Streaming is big business. The heavily crowded video streaming market — valued at $22.6 billion…

By Vijai Karthigesu CEO Swarmio Media

The ever-increasing interconnectivity of people and devices around the world has fueled the need for faster and more powerful ways of data collection and processing. Telcos that are the primary providers now look to edge and 5G connections as a way to deliver increased immersion for gamers, streamers, and e-sports fanatics who primarily access their media of choice from mobile devices. This change from current wireless connections to cloud computing offers new possibilities for customer satisfaction and revenue.

Why Edge and 5G Boost Immersive Power

From a technological standpoint, these new advancements offer faster speeds (low latency), higher bandwidth and more…

By Vijai Karthigesu CEO, Swarmio

John D. Rockefeller famously claimed that large-scale business goes by ‘survival of the fittest.’

As Telcos and webscalers square up before the onset of Edge Computing, Rockefeller’s statement has never seemed more relevant. Google, Microsoft, Amazon — apex predators of international business — are setting sights on the telecommunications ecosystem.

Established telcos are bracing for the oncoming impact. Alliances have been forged overnight to safeguard Edge computing: The Bridge Alliance’s global MEC Task Force, 5G Future Forum, and Telco Edge Platform, have entered the scene in recent months. …

The idea of Swarmio started in a small office in Ontario, Canada years ago, where a handful of network infrastructure pros set out to solve the problem of latency.

Fast forward to today, we’ve worked with countless gaming communities to help automate the way tournaments are run and provide our latency optimized servers to improve end-user experiences. Our leadership team has taken stock of our unique position and has made several strategic decisions to focus our efforts on solving the core problem of latency that we set out to solve years ago. Through this process, we’ve clarified a few things:

1. The gaming community is awesome — gamers are tight-knit, resilient and expects only the best. …

Our teams at SLT and Swarmio have some news to share:

In the last few months, we’ve been working hard on how we can best help grow the esports community and competitive CS:GO scene in Sri Lanka, and the role that we can play in this community to take Sri Lanka esports to the next level. We believe that the right way to do this is to put the right things in place, improving player experiences and helping everyone chase their dreams in esports by being the best that they can be.

To keep our path forward, we would like…

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on both the development and ongoing management of Swarmio, an eSports tournament platform currently being used by thousands of players around the world, and we’re stoked to finally announce the largest tournament we’ve run to date — Gift The Rift.

Gift The Rift is a League of Legends charity tournament featuring 20 of the most popular Twitch personalities in the industry like Pokimane, LilyPichu, ImaQTpie, Scarra, and more competing to raise the most money fortheir team’s charity. …


Swarmio Media is a global esports technology and media company that provides solutions purpose-built to support the growth of communities and organizations.

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